Our school was set up and subsequently much expanded thanks to contributions ranging from the very small to the very large (at least in our eyes) from friends, families, schools, clubs and compassionate strangers with enormous faith in us. These supporters were found through the media and word of mouth in the United Kingdom, Finland, the United States, Canada, France and Nigeria.

The building was funded largely through individual donations and contributions from these many and varied supporters, as well as from family and our own earnings, while the month-to-month running of the school has been largely funded by monthly contributions from as little as 3 per month to as much as 50 per month, all from individual donors. But as the financial crisis hit, biting harder and harder, we lost many sponsors.

The balance of funding is made up through one-off fund raising events and by very small contributions from the families we serve. This was important right from the start, as in many Asian and African contexts where a welfare state does not exist, the concept of something being both totally free of cost, and still worth having and respecting, just does not exist. We needed to ensure that parents would feel invested in the school, and they do so by paying a very small fee per month. This works, even if they are paying a tiny fraction of what they would pay elsewhere at the many poor, low-cost private schools in the area. Our school has such a wide appeal that several better-off families also want to send their children to the school, and these families pay more than poor families. Very poor families pay nothing at all to send their children to the school, providing only the most basic school materials for their children.

Become a sponsor

By sponsoring our school you can make a real and substantial difference in the life of poor rural girls in India, and you will learn about the school's progress through the reports that you will receive from us. Sponsors give anything from 5 ($8/ 6) per month, a huge sum to the families you will be helping, but possibly only small change to you.

Click here to download sponsorship form for setting up a standing order from a UK bank account.

To sponsor in Euros or dollars, please email Joanna at jharma@free-school.org or visit our crowd sourcing campaign to give a lump sum (link to follow soon).

Thank You

Your help is needed and appreciated, and in an undertaking of this size, will definitely make a difference. You can also be confident in the knowledge that 100% of each donation will go directly into the project.

Updated October 2013


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A CUMBRIAN woman determined to educate poor children in India is appealing to her home county for help.

Make a real and substantial difference in the life of that particular child and learn about her progress.